Wireless Invisible Underground Electric Dog Training Wire Fence Set


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For 1 Dog
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Make sure your pets stay in a safe area!

The Wireless Dog Fence Collar System can help train dogs to shape the habit of living in their own independent space and keep your furniture and daily necessities clean and tidy. It especially keeps your pets away from the uneasy living in a real fence. Make sure your dogs stay in the specified area, you will never have to worry about anything when you go outside.

⌚ Install within 1 - 2 hours

✅ No need to dig or bury wires

💲 Cost less than a traditional fence

🏕 Travel-ready

Can also be widely used for dog training at home or on field trips.

Intelligent Fence Area

This electric pet fence system is reliable and safe for pet training. It completely got rid of the trouble of wiring, and it’s very convenient to establish a safe area for pet activities.  With 100 levels of transmitter signal intensity to adjust the remote control range. Its remote control range is a circular area with a radius of 82-1620ft, and coverage is up to 78 hectares. In a large space, your dog can go everywhere freely and safely.

Rechargeable Receiver Collar

The wireless receiver collar is equipped with a high-capacity durable battery that is rechargeable and made of IP67 waterproof material. This means your dog can get wet in the grass, mess with the sprinkler, or play in the rain with this electric dog fence system. With an adjustable TPU strap, the receiver collar supports most sizes of dogs (10-110lbs, neck: 8-28 inches).

Thoughtful Design and Confident Purchase

The receiver operates at a voltage of 3.7V and emits static electricity, it will not harm the dog and its hair at allThe wireless design of the product can deal with all kinds of terrain. And one transmitter can support multiple receivers working simultaneously. This Reliable and Safe Dog Fence System provides a Wi-Fi connection instead of a wire connection, making the installation much easier than before. The transmitter, as the center, provides a range of up to 500 meters. When your dog approaches the boundary beyond setting range, the receiver collar under the dog's neck will send a warning beep at first.  If your dog keeps running to the boundary, the receiver will issue a shock with gradually stronger intensity until your dog returns to the pet area.

How it works

  • The system will start up automatically while your dog is running beyond the setting control range, the receiver will start working by issuing warning sounds every 2 seconds. 
  • Start static shock at a low level after the third warning sound, and increase the intensity of static shock gradually. 
  • If your dogs keep staying outside the specified area, the receiver will give up working after the third cycle to prevent your dog from excessive punishment.

Why My Dog Needs This Wireless Dog Fence?

A pet-perfect yard is now perfectly easy without expensive fences or buried wires. Keep pets playing safely and happily in your yard and off the street. The wireless transmitter is tiny and portable (just needs an outlet!). The waterproof, rechargeable collars are our smallest yet. With easy training, custom collar settings, and protection up to 1640 ft, your best little friend gets the best in-yard freedom.

🐶Completely Wireless Operation: Just locate the transmitter near a power socket without any hassle. Wireless Dog Fence emits radio frequency signals, unlike old versions that require digging the ground and burying the wires or making a real fence!

🐶 Smart E-Collar: The electric receiver collar of the Wireless Dog Fence is rechargeable. Once fully charged, it will back you up for more than a month. Being IP67 waterproof, you don’t have to worry about your dog playing in the water.

🐶 Dual Correction Methods: There are two training modes, beep alert, and correction shock. The collar beeps every two seconds, or three times or it can give a safe static shock that gradually increases from levels 1 – 4.

🐶 Multiple Pets Compatibility: The Wireless Dog Fence transmitter can be used for a maximum of 3 E-collars which means it is perfect for those having more than one pet. The wireless fence works for all size dogs and being light and portable, it is great for travel.


Material: Plastic
Weight: about 430-720g(base on different set)
Range: 500m Dimension:
Transmitter: 14.8*8.5*80 cm / 5.8*3.4*31.6 inch
Receiver: 6.5*3.9*80 cm / 2.6*1.5*31.6 inch

Package Included

1 x Wireless Transmitter
1/2/3 x Wireless Receiver
1/2/3 x Adjustable Neck Strap
1 x DC-USB Charging Cable
1 x Power Adapter
4/8/12 x Metal Contact Probes
1/2/3 x LED Test Light
2 x Screws
1 x User Manual
Only 1 Collar Receiver For Dog System
1x Receiver
1x Strap
4x Screws
1x LED Test Light


  • For optimal performance, place the transmitter 5 feet from the ground and away from metal walls to avoid any signal interference.
  • Setting markers for your pet helps them understand where their boundaries are which further helps train them where the area ends.
  • Buy two bases for extended coverage or if you have more than 3 pets.


1) Does it fit small dogs or hairy dogs?

The collar is perfect for any size. Just adjust the strap length to fit your dog's neck size. The hairy or trimmed collar can reach your dog's neck perfectly. Attach the prong extender to the collar for your furry friend, that way it reaches their neck.

2) How long does the charge last on the receiver?

The charge lasts about 10 hours. Have in mind that if you have a lot of metal in the area the collar will tend to turn off 

3) Does the system work for square and rectangular yards?

The collar works for all types of terrain and yards. Even if your yard is sloped or has hills the transmitter works perfectly for the perimeter. 

4) If mounted inside, does the house become an obstacle or block the transmitter?

No, your house will not interfere with the signal. The built-in call can even go through thick foliage and other items such as concrete and wooden walls. The signal penetrates obstacles easily ensuring a constant signal to the collar. This does not require WiFi or cellphone service to achieve. Turn on and pair, and you're ready to go. 

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