4L Automatic Pet Feeder(WIFI)-(Free Shipping On U.S.)


Size: Automatic Feeder

Automatic Feeder
Sensor Automatic Water Feeder+Automatic Feeder

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Connect the automatic cat feeder to Wi-Fi (2.4G only), you can remotely feed your cats and dogs from anywhere and anytime with your phone and set scheduled feeding times as convenient as you set the phone's alarm, which allows you to choose between 1 to 12 portions per meal.

The automatic cat food feeder has a dual power supply. Even if the power unexpectedly goes out or the adapter is suddenly disconnected from the power source, it can continue to work.
The 4L automatic feeder will ensure a cat or puppy is fed healthily for 10-14 days when filled with dry food.
Press and hold the voice recording button on the feeder panel to create your own 10s personalized voice recording that calls your pets when food is dispensed, letting them know when it's time to eat.
The auto pet feeder has a replaceable moisture-proof desiccant box in the lid to keep your pet's kibble fresh, while the feeder locking mechanism ensures they cannot open the lid to sneak any extra kibble.

  • Smart feeding with app
  • Never miss a feeding
  • Suitable capacity for cats and puppies pre-meal
  • Voice reminder
  • Convenient and safe design

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