Levitation Moon Lamp-3D Print Floating Moon Light


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The World's First Levitating Moon Light

Do you remember back when you were a little child and the world seemed all shiny and new? When even the simplicity of a floating balloon seemed like an amazing magic? Do you remember the awe you felt? Well with our amazing Levitating Moon Lamp we hope to recapture that sense of childlike magic. Amaze your family and friends with a unique gift that's truly out of this world. 

Unbelievable Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp

Our magnetic levitation technology will leave you amazed, seeing the moonlight floating and spinning automatically in mid-air freely without any support or contact. You'll feel calm and present with this amazing moon in your room.

A Perfected 3D Moon Light

With a perfect-sized diameter of 5.7 inches, coupled with 3D technology to make the lamp shows a realistic lunar texture. The soft glow of the moon will be in your hands to soothe your senses.

 3 Realistic Moon Color Options & Gradients

Choose from 3 moon colors to suit your environment and mood. From the warm yellow color to a perfect moon-white. Let the moon change through its colors with our gradient-changing mode. Pick whatever suits you. 

Easy-Touch On / Off & Color Switch

Bring the magic of the moon into your home with a single tap. This sleek feature leaves no clunky switches and keeps power consumption at its very lowest, providing you with a seamless, uninterrupted experience. Switching colors has never been easier with our signature two-way method.

Ever Floating Power & Wireless LED Charging

Most lamps require cables or batteries to make the device float and require a direct connection to light up the lamp. This floating moon lamp is totally different. Its levitating power comes from our electromagnetic induction technology, which means it'll keep floating without the worry of falling and will light up without any cables to our superior moon. 

How to Levitate?

Step 1:Place the base on a horizontal plane. Connect the adapter to the base, and plug in to the socket.

Step 2:Hold the moon with both hands and place 0.79-1.18 inches above the center of the base. Feel and reach the sweet point.

Step 3 Once you feel you have reached the balance point, gently and slowly release your hold. If it floats -Congratulations! If it falls, simply start over.

Step 4 Press the touch button on the base to switch the light color in order of white, warm white, and warm yellow.


The Levitating Moon Lamp has a magnetic base that makes it float 0.4” above its base. Makes a unique accent piece for students, teachers, and armchair astronomers.
• Floating Moon lamp
• 5.5" 3D printed Moon
• Wood grain base
• Floats and rotates about 0.4” off base
• Tap the base to turn the “moonlight” on or off
• Output: 12V, 1A
• Input: 110-240V-50/60Hz
• Plugs into an AC outlet

WARNING: Strong magnets. Not for use by those with heart disease or a pacemaker.

"Comes with really nice packaging, easy to set up. The 3D moon texture and details are amazing. Whoever saw this Lamp asked about it. Love it!"

 Candice, San Fransisco CA
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