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The Top GPS Wireless Dog Fences for 2023 to Keep Your Dog Safe.

  • Satellite antenna positioning, wide coverage, and accurate positioning make it easy to create an electric fence boundary for your furbaby.
  • Buttons can be operated by touch with an operational range of up to 1,300 feet, and an adjustable radius of 15 to 999 yards.
  • Choose between static shock, vibration, and beeper training modes.
  • Long battery life of up to 36 hours with enabled GPS.
  • TPU collar strap for comfy wear along with the waterproof design means your furbaby can play in the rain.

With the GPS Wireless Outdoor Electric Dog GPS & Activity Tracker, you can give your furbaby paw-some freedom with an electric fence. This GPS wireless electric fence uses satellite signal technology to set up and position the boundaries for your dogs. There’s no need for a SIM card, app, subscription, transmitter, or wire. You can use the collar to set up boundaries in just minutes with an adjustable range of 15 to 999 yards. Plus, with multiple receivers, there’s no interference with other devices you may be operating. You can choose between static shock, vibration, and beeping training modes. The collar strap is comfy to wear, and the collar is even waterproof so your pup can play in the rain. With this collar, your best friend can enjoy more outdoor time and freedom, whether in an open field, on your farm, or at the beach.

  • Please train your dog before using the product with no supervision, otherwise, the dog will run away because it does not know the meaning and impact of the warning tone. (The training idea is to make the dog understand that when it approaches or exceeds the boundaries you set, the collar will punish it, and the punishment will disappear when it returns to the designated area, and you will reward it)

  • Boundary setting tip: If you don't know the boundary distance to set, you can walk up with the collar to the desired boundary point, and the device will show you the distance from you to the original position
  • GPS technology has the same deviation as GPS trackers or GPS navigators. The standard deviation is possible from a few yards on open fields to 10 yards in wooded areas or areas with any interference.
  • Please reset the center point and radius every 4-5 days and every time after a significant weather change. Without regular reset, the collar may work inconsistently and less accurately.

  • Please read the User Manual carefully before use.
  • Please read the Training Guide or watch the video version before starting the training process
  • The size of our GPS collar receiver is 2.8*1.5*1.2 inches and the strap is 27.5 inches long, so it may not be suitable for small dogs.
  • The wireless pet containment system for the yard ONLY needs a receiver (collar), using the GPS location technique, no need for a transmitter.
  • The minimum control radius distance of the device is 98ft (33 yards), so the collar is suitable for open field areas or farms but not suitable for very small yards.
  • The accuracy of GPS depends on environmental factors, such as dense woods, high-rise buildings, cloudy weather, etc.
  • Our GPS wireless pet fence is made ONLY for OUTDOOR USE, not suitable for indoor use.

  1. This Collar Fence only works in the outdoor area and make sure the signal is full before using it.
  2. For first-time use, need to position the center point, and it has an automatic memory function. If you move to another place need to reposition the center point and the safe radius distance.
  3. For first-time use, we recommend applying the Automatic Mode to training your dogs.
  4. The minimum radius distance is 15 yards, and the Maximum radius distance is 999 yards.
  5. Reposition the collar every two hours, and use it no more than 12 hours per day.

What's Included
Outdoor GPS Wireless Electric Dog Collar x1pc, Boundary Flag x10pcs,, Magnetic Charging Cable x1pc,, Long Contact Points x 2pcs,, Short Contact Points x2pcs, Long Conductive Silicone Cap x2pcs,, Short Conductive Silicon Cap x2pcs,, Training Guide x1pc,, Operating Guide x1pc.
Item Number 767678
Made In China
Sourced From China
Range of Coverage Radius range:30~999 yards
Lifestage Puppy, Adult, Senior
Breed Size All Breeds
Closure Type Buckle
Collar Type Fence System - Noise, Fence System - Static
Features Outdoor Use
Material Plastic, Thermoplastic Rubber
Recommended Pet Weight Over 20 lbs.
Compatibility GPS



Q: If I set the center point, will it remember the position or does it need to be set each time?

A: The product is designed with a memory function that needs to be readjusted. It is only necessary to reset the center point when it is changed or there is an error in the distance.

Q: Can this system be used for two dogs at the same time?

A: No. A receiver collar can only control one dog at the same time. We suggest purchasing two or more if needed for several dogs.

Q: Can I set the center position in the house so that it can form a circular fence around the house?

A: The GPS wireless dog fence is for outdoor use. We do not recommend you set the center position inside the house because the GPS device may not find enough signals.

Q: Why my dog is punished when he doesn't get to the boundary?

A: Please check whether the center point is set correctly. If there is a change of position, please reset the center point.

Q: Isn't it suitable for small-sized dogs?

A: Yes. This product is suitable for medium-sized dogs and above, please do not wear it on small-sized dogs.

Q: Will the static stimulation scare my dog?

A: The product has vibration mode and static stimulation mode, so you can choose whichever you need. Also, you can adjust the intensity of vibration or shock stimulation starting from lower levels which are relatively soft.

Q: What if the dog continues to cross the boundary?

A: Please perform the training of your dog to teach it to stay within the boundary. For training, please follow our recommendations in the Training Guide or its video version.

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