Cosy Plush Solid Colour Non-slip Sofa Cover


Colour: Grey

Light Grey

Size: 27.6x27.6 in (70x70 cm)

27.6x27.6 in (70x70 cm)
35.4x35.4 in (90x90 cm)
35.4x47.2 in (90x120 cm)
35.4x62.99 in (90x160 cm)
35.4x70.9 in (90x180 cm)
35.4x82.7 in (90x210 cm)
Pillowcase - 17.72x17.72 in (45x45 cm)

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There is no single formula. It's up to you to compose your cover according to your desires and preferences. Some people prefer 1, 2, or 3 pieces for the back, the same for the seat. In the example below, the back was covered with 2 pieces, the seat with 1 piece. There's no wrong choice, just let your imagination run wild.


Crafted from robust materials, this sofa cover can endure substantial friction without exhibiting wear and tear. This implies that even with daily intensive use, a high-quality sofa cover will maintain its pristine state, significantly elongating your sofa's lifespan.


Sofa covers serve as the uncelebrated guardians, shielding your furniture from these unavoidable mishaps. Be it a mishap involving dropped food, a spilled drink, or even a leaky pen, this sofa cover functions as a safeguard, halting the spill before it reaches your sofa's fabric and creating an enduring blemish.


This sofa cover not only safeguards your sofa against pet hair becoming entwined in the fabric, but also shields it from potential damage caused by pet claws.


We're all aware that maintaining a clean sofa can be quite an intimidating chore. However, with this sofa cover, cleaning becomes significantly more manageable. It's machine washable, meaning all you need to do is take off the covers, place them in the washing machine, and they'll emerge looking as good as new.


It features a self-adhesive design that securely clings to the sofa surface without causing harm, ensuring the cushions stay in place and safeguarding against shifting.

  • Crafted to offer exceptional comfort and plushness, these cushions are ideal for unwinding after a tiring day.
  • Top-tier Material: Constructed from premium chenille fabric, delivering a lavish and cozy sensation.
  • Sophisticated Design: Showcasing a chic herringbone texture that brings an air of elegance to any sofa or chair.
  • Effective Moisture Control & Breathability: The fabric adeptly absorbs moisture while enabling air circulation, ensuring a cool and comfortable experience.
  • Anti-Skid Base: The non-slip backing guarantees the sofa cover remains firmly in position, preventing any slipping or shifting.
  • Simple to Maintain: Machine washable for effortless upkeep, providing convenience and saving time.

Main Material: Chenille fabric
Product Sizes:
27,6 x 27,6 in / 70 x 70 cm
35,4 x 35,4 in / 90 x 90 cm
35,4 x 47,2 in / 90 x 120 cm
35,4 x 62,99 in / 90 x 160 cm
35,4 x 70,9 in / 90 x 180 cm
35,4 x 82,7 in / 90 x 210 cm
17,72 x 17,72 in / 45x45 cm (Pillow)

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