4 Way Security Lock Flap Door - Cat Flap Door for Interior Exterior Door, Window and Wall


Color: White


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Unleash the Freedom Your Pet Craves!

Experience the perfect blend of freedom and security for your beloved pet with the 4 Way Security Lock Flap Door! Say goodbye to the limitations of indoor confinement and give your furry friend the opportunity to explore the great outdoors at their leisure. Discover how it revolutionizes the way your pet experiences the world while providing peace of mind for you.

Freedom to Roam and Thrive

Recognizing the innate need for exploration in every pet, 4 Way Security Lock Flap Door grants them the freedom they deserve. By allowing your cat or small dog to come and go as they please, you foster their well-being and strengthen the bond between you. Embrace a harmonious living environment where your pet can unleash their curiosity, energy, and happiness, all while maintaining a sense of security.

Effortless Installation, Seamless Integration

With 4 Way Security Lock Flap Door, installation becomes a hassle-free experience. Our comprehensive, user-friendly instructions ensure a seamless process, allowing you to mount the door in windows, doors, cupboards, or any suitable location. The telescopic frame guarantees a perfect fit, protecting your interior from unwanted paw prints, dirt, and moisture. Enjoy the convenience of easy setup and integration into your home.

Intelligent Design for Optimal Comfort

Designed with your pet's well-being in mind, it prioritizes their comfort and tranquility. The transparent flap design reduces fear and hesitation, enabling them to see through the door with ease. The waterproof exterior screen ensures durability, while the integrated brush strip minimizes noise when the door closes, preventing startle moments for your cat. The weatherproof pet flap effectively seals out cold air, maintaining a cozy and inviting atmosphere indoors.

Installation Method:

Step 1: First use a piece of paper to draw the size of the door cover (there may be a few millimeters error);

Step 2: Finish the drawing mark it on the door, and draw the seal with a pencil;

Step 3: Use a drill to drill a hole in the four corners of the painted door, and then start to dig the hole directly if there is a chainsaw;

Step 4: If it is a glass door, use a glass scribing tool to gently cut it open and fix it with glass glue;

Step 5: The hole is cleaned up, now first get a layer of wooden leather to wrap around the hole, for the sake of beauty;

Step 6: Install the cat door, there are accessory screws, and screw them on with a screwdriver;

Step 7: The screw port is also equipped with a screw cover, press it, OK.


M: Frame size: height 20*width 19*thickness 5.5CM
Door cover size: inner height 15CM* inner door width 15CM

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