2 in 1 Pet Hair Removal Broom

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Becoming a pet parent can quickly turn your home into the Wild West, but those shedding tumbleweeds have met their match with our Extendable Pet Hair Removal Broom. This unique, multi-surface extendable broom has soft bristles made from natural rubber, making it perfect for collecting the fur left behind by your critters.

Our Pet Hair Removal Broom is the ideal tool for every pet owner. This broom sweeps up hair, lint, dust, dirt, and more from virtually any surface - not just your floors! Rescue your carpet, hardwood floors, tile, clothing, and upholstery from that layer of pet hair and dust without a scratch! Also includes a built-in squeegee that's perfect for cleaning windows, mirrors, cars, or other flat surfaces.

【Pet Hair Remove Rubber Broom】Rubber Bristles act like a magnet to absorb debris and hair. The rubber broom scrapes down and balls the hair from carpets, effectively cleaning hair, dirt, fur, dust, and other debris on any floor surface. Say goodbye to fur on your carpet from your cat and dog hair.


【2 in 1 Rubber Broom & Squeegee】Rubber broom soft enough not to scratch delicate surfaces. With a built-in squeegee, the edge helps wipe away water or liquid spills on windows, showers, and windshields.

【Extra 57" Long Handle】The handle length of the pet hair rubber broom is adjustable and it can offer a comfortable pickup and hold for people of different heights

【Easy to Clean】The pet hair rubber broom head can be washed. You can rinse with tap water to remove dirt from the bristles or clean with soap.

【Pet Brush Combination】Pet Hair Removal Broom and Lint Brush Combo, portable design easily cleans loose hair and removes fluff from sofas, car seats, floors, and cushions.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why not just use a vacuum?  
A: Our broom lifts up your carpet with soft rubber bristles and collects all the hair your vacuum cannot reach. 

Q: Why not use a broom for my tile or hardwood floors?

A: Our broom has soft rubber bristles that act as a magnet to pet hair. Have you ever tried sweeping up pet hair and it just flies all over the house? With our broom that will not happen!


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