Thank you for purchasing and using PETODAY's products! In order to make our service more satisfactory to you, please read this warranty terms carefully after purchase. Petoday can warranty products are divided into two categories: other products and intelligent products.

Specific terms are as follows:
1. About return: Since the date of shipment, in the case of non-human damaged quality problems, our products to provide a return policy within 7 days;
Note: non-human damage under the quality problems caused by the return of the costs borne by our company, if the customer's personal reasons for the return of goods, you need to personally bear the costs incurred by the return of goods
2. Where by natural disasters, and other external factors or due to improper operation and other factors, resulting in product damage, not in the return or warranty range. Whether the product is damaged due to the above reasons, petoday will make the final decision. Without petoday's authorization, the damage caused by the user's private disassembly of the product is also not within the scope of return or warranty.
3. The user purchased the product, the order signed date voucher to return or warranty. After petoday return or repair of intelligent products warranty period is calculated by the date of the first order signed.
4. The interpretation of these terms and conditions belongs to