Tired of traditional collars?
Our NEW Tactical Dog Collar is the perfect fit for your dog.Not only does it match your dog's dynamic personality, but with a durable metal hook and a fashionable metal buckle, it's sure to secure your dog's weight for complete control and total comfort.


  1. Premium Material
    Tactical dog collar is made by 1000D reinforced nylon fabric and strong metal buckle, which is very durable, wear-resisting, highly recommended by military and police equipment fans.
  2. Custom Magic Sticker
    You can personalize your dog's harness with a Name and Phone number, so they won't get lost on walks.
  3. Better Control
    This heavy-duty dog collar can be used even without a tactical dog leash. Featuring a special design of the handle that allows you to grab your dog directly by the dog collar, it offers better control for dog training sessions, when crossing the street, in high traffic events, at vet visits, patrolling, or hunting as well.
  4. Soft and Comfortable
    Adjustable Dog collar with quick release is designed with soft&breathable padded lining, humanization design for the collar.1.5" Width rounded corner it’s comfortable for wearing, it won’t hurt dog’s fur and it can protect dog’s neck well.
  5. Wear-resistant 
    It adopts advanced technology fabrics, has the characteristics of scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, tears resistance, etc. It has good impact resistance, rigidity, and wear resistance to prevent the branches from being scratched by branches in the outdoor environment.
  6. Double Security
    Magic sticker and quick release metal buckle double closure with dog collars military. The dog tactical collar actually closes with a magic sticker first, then you can lock the buckle so there's a double layer of protection so your dog can't rip it off.


 Please measure your dog’s neck and keep 2 finger gap will keep your dog feel most comfortable.