Why Tactical Dog Vest?

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There are a variety of reasons why you’d choose a harness over a collar, but the big ones are choking, training, and lifting. Traditional collars tend to choke when a dog pulls, but harnesses distribute the weight across the chest. Harnesses also give you multiple points of attachment so you can keep the leash from getting tangled in your dog’s legs as well as use these alternate leash attachments for training. For example, attaching the leash to the chest area D-ring of a harness will make it impossible for a dog to pull. If they try to pull, this configuration will result in the dog being turned around every time he pulls, getting him nowhere. Finally, harnesses give you extra places to grab when you’re trying to lift older dogs or give your adventure dog a hand over some rocks while hiking or extract them from water while boating.

Police/Military/Working Dogs
Maximum Control, Given Protection, And Extra Storage For Equipment
Hunting/Outdoor Companion Dogs
For Carrying Their Own Food And Water, Helping Them Exercise, And Expand Energy. Visual Indication While Out In The Wilderness
Service Dogs
For Carrying Medical Supplies, Water, And Emergency Items, ID And Tags